Hello! I’m Amanda Zola, 
a filmmaker from São Paulo.

I have worked as a video producer since 2012 and have acted on many fronts, producing content in a wide range of formats.
I have produced for companies like Vox, Quartz, Vice, Twitter, Microsoft, CNN, and of course who could forget my absolute favorite project for  Redacted due to NDA. 
I lead each project in a bespoke way. It can be just me as a DoP, editor, producer, or as a project coordinator pulling up together a specialized crew to meet all the production requirements of your content.
Besides that, I am passionate about music and literature and spend my spare time reading, discovering new artists, and producing my music in my home studio.

Have any questions about me, my work, or any business enquiries? Drop me a line using the form.
You can also email amanda.azola@gmail.com
Thank you!
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